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Community Grants

Transformation of Rural Community Health
Request for Proposals – Community Grant

Dear Community Partners,

We are pleased to announce the first round of community grants made available through our Transformation of Rural Community Health (ToRCH) project. This funding is intended to build our community partners’ capacity to support our ToRCH project’s identified goals.


  • Transformation of Rural Community Health (ToRCH) Program:
  • Community: For grant funding purposes, submitted proposals must support initiatives, services or resources within the “community” of Ray County, Missouri.
  • Community-Based Organization (CBO): A public or private nonprofit organization that provides specific services or resources to the community or targeted population within the community.
  • Medicaid: Medicaid is a government program that provides public health insurance to adults with low income and children who qualify. This program is offered through MO HealthNet Division.
  • Social Determinants of Health (SDOH): The opportunities for individuals to attain optimal health are often determined by non-medical factors, such as assets, access, influence and the environment.


Ray County Hospital and Healthcare has partnered with MO HealthNet as one of six hospitals included in the ToRCH pilot program. The ToRCH pilot program is for Medicaid patients residing in the six pilot counties. It is designed to bring resources to rural communities to address the upstream causes of poor health outcomes, i.e., social determinants of health. This is accomplished by creating a community leadership board that focuses on integrating social care supports into clinical care, so that clinical outcomes are less likely to be compromised by social challenges

As part of the ToRCH program, each community focuses on population health goals that improve health outcomes in their county. The goal areas established by our community leadership board are as follows:

  • Primary Care – Increasing access and reducing barriers to receiving primary care services
  • Dental Care – Increasing access and reducing barriers to receiving preventative dental care
  • Obstetrics (OB) Care – Keeping moms and babies healthy during and after pregnancy
  • Diabetes – Keeping blood sugar as normal as possible within the recommended range
  • Mental Health – Reducing barriers to accessing care and improving quality of life

Community Grants

The ToRCH community leadership board can approve base funding to address gaps in available services within their community. These grants can help address capacity/resource issues due to the smaller scale of operations. Some examples could be expanding staffing, renting a larger space, purchasing equipment, and overcoming other logistical challenges.

Proposal deadline: The priority deadline is August 31, 2024. If funds are still available after the initial deadline, another window may open.

Proposals awarded: September 30, 2024

Maximum funding amount: Total funding across all awardees is $240,000

Maximum project time frame: October 1, 2024 to September 30, 2025


  • This RFP excludes services or resources already billable to Medicaid.
  • Eligibility for funding is limited to support specific services and resources within the “community,” i.e., service area, of Ray County, Missouri.
  • Community-Based Organizations must have agreed to participate in the ToRCH Program (Project Guardian) and met the guidelines for participation, including being a meaningful user of the Unite Us referral platform.\

Proposal Preparation:

  • Complete the “Community-Based Organization Funding Request” application.
  • Submit the completed application and all supporting documentation to the following email address:
  • If you have any questions, please contact Tim Braun, Executive Director of Population Health at

Review Criteria:

  • Significance: Does the project address an important problem or critical barrier that aligns with one or more of the established goals of our ToRCH project?
  • Approach: Are the overall strategy and methodology well-reasoned and appropriate to accomplish the specific aims of the project?
  • Community Impact: What is the likelihood that the project may result in a significant improvement in community health and achieve overall ToRCH program goals?

In reviewing proposals, the ToRCH leadership board reserves the right to condition the award based upon project modifications that it deems necessary to ensure the success of the ToRCH program.                                                    

Application Forms

Click on form below for printable version.

Community Based Organization Grant Application