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Charlie Baker

“With my new knees,
I feel like a new man!

— Charlie Baker

Charlie Baker had two knee replacement surgeries in May and then August of 2022. “Twenty years of standing on my feet working at a casino finally got to me,” says Charlie. “The pain was so bad, I couldn’t do my job. Just shifting the position of my legs as I was standing would make me yell out in agony.”

Even before his surgeries, Charlie was seeing the physical therapy professionals at Ray County Hospital and Healthcare to get his knees in better shape. “I didn’t want to have to drive to Liberty three times a week for my rebab after the surgery,” explains Charlie. “The staff at Ray County Hospital was very patient and compassionate. And they sure wouldn’t let me get away with any slacking around, which is exactly what I needed.”

Today, Charlie is a new man. ”I can operate a walking bush hog and walk my dogs,” says Charlie. “I even cleared a bunch of land to build my own disc golf course and practice area on my property.”

“Here in physical therapy, we believe that movement is medicine,” says Landon Hawkins, Director of Rehabilitation at Ray County Hospital. “Charlie Baker is living proof to that. He’s walking so much faster, and the alignment of his knees is so much better. It’s so satisfying to see how much the quality of his life has improved!”